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Registration Full, Season starts 2021/22 Starts 11th September.

At Harpenden Rovers Youth  boys and girls aged from 6yrs to 12yrs are coached and play games against local clubs.  We have qualified coaches (FA level 2 badges),  2 heads of PE and first aid cover. There are also a couple ex-professional football coaches, goalie coach and lots of keen Dads who played locally in the 80's from school to county level. This is a community club and the aim is for kids to have fun!

FULL ALL AGES FOR SEASON 2020/21 (contact via phone prior to any registeration)

Harpenden Rovers Club Ethos(Grass Roots)

The club was founded out of a desire to give children the opportunity to play.  We are a community run club and our main aim is to facilitate children’s enjoyment through football.  If a child has fun, they will come back.  If they keep coming back, they will get better.  If they keep getting better, they will enjoy themselves even more.

Children can play well without scoring, they can play well without winning and they can play well without enjoying themselves.  Do not ask “did you win?” or “did you score?” instead ask “did you have fun?” or “what was the best thing about football today?”

Winning is not everything.  Not in junior football.  We set this club up to give our children an opportunity to play and enjoy playing football, not just now but for the rest of their lives.

The community is the core of the club, everyone can help make what we have even better.  Everyone can contribute, whether as a specialist coach, photographer, website designer, first aider or general helper.  The club is run by volunteers and thrives on good will.

The goal is simple, to deliver every aspect of football to the highest possible standard.  We will challenge the children and help them to develop, not only as footballers but as individuals.


  • You support the club and community
  • Your conduct as a parent should match the ethos of the club
  • You remain available for your child at all times





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